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What People are Saying about Green Burial

    “I'm trying to lessen the impact I have upon the planet. Now I recycle, I reuse, and I'm rethinking. I hope the world will be better off for my living and also for how I'm buried. Make it simple; keep it close to home; don't use much energy; and leave the big rocks in the quarry. Sometime in the future, maybe a young child will delight in the woods over my grave, or someone will watch the birds, or discover which plants grow there, then I too will enjoy my going--naturally.”

– Roger Westman

    "I would like a green burial so that the cycle of life is completed as it was intended to be. Everything in nature gets recycled, not buried in a coffin enclosed in concrete. I think we only do that because funerals have become such a thriving business. I'll pass on that. Plant me under a shady tree, please."

– Cindy Daugherty Leonard

    "My one-mile (almost) daily run passes through Mt. Royal Cemetery in Shaler. When I gander at all the past generations names inscribed on oversized cement headstones, I ponder about how I too will someday be buried. I ask myself, "Why waste over $7,000 on an elaborate casket when pinewood caskets can help the environment and save my family thousands of dollars in the end?" I wish to be buried naturally with no formaldehyde or other chemicals--just me and the earth. Till green death do us part."

- Amanda King

Last modified on: November 15, 2010